Packaging & Fulfillment

McGrath Printing | Custom Apparel provides inventory management solutions tailored to the industry's needs. We understand that your inventory requirements can exceed the space you currently have available. Our inventory management solutions can provide a consistent flow of on hand inventory to your business whenever you need it. We also alert you when your inventory gets low, providing you with ample time to place an order for more, or create a new order entirely. Do you have other products or media that need to be included when packaging your inventory? We offer complete fulfillment services, packaging your inventory to your specifications. Take advantage of our inventory management solutions for all of your assembly, pack-out and inserting needs.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let McGrath Printing | Custom Apparel handle your inventory management needs. We have years of experience providing vendor managed inventory based within our own location and/or at your facilities. Utilizing barcodes and the latest in software, we provide automatic notifications when inventory is running low, giving you the opportunity to replenish inventory, avoid back orders, and keep production running smoothly.



Ready to maximize efficiency? If so, then Kanban is the solution for you. Kanban is a system that is designed to limit the buildup of excess inventory at any point in production. In short, this system can ensure once product is ready to go out at your plant, any materials that need to be included (manuals, instructions, etc.) have already been produced and are ready to be combined. This completes the over all goal of Kanban, creating an procedural environment that is in a constant flow, maximizing efficiency and eliminating excess production in any particular stage. Every Kanban solution is tailored for each business as every business is unique, and requires different solutions.