Why McGrath

We know that you have options when it comes to printing and decorated apparel. But do the other options do both apparel and printing in their facility? Probably not. Most of the time you can find a printer who claims they do apparel, but in actuality they send it out to be done. We have all of the equipment in-house, which gives us the ability to match your company logo on both the apparel and print, thereby unifying your brand identity. We also offer the Print Plus reward program which can save your company with their print budget. Read more on the Print Plus program in the Rewards Section.

The Benefits of Choosing McGrath

Our customers who have experienced the quality of our printing services know why they choose McGrath. But if you haven’t ordered from us before, here are a few compelling reasons to come to us for all of your printing needs:

  • Experience: For more than 37 years, McGrath Printing | Custom Apparel has been serving small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. We have over a 100 years of combined experience.
  • Service: We never forget and never take for granted that our customers are the backbone of our business. Serving our customers is priority one.
  • Quality: McGrath Printing | Custom Apparel adheres to ISO 9001 quality standards and is quality certified by one of our premier pharmaceutical suppliers.
  • Convenience: All printing and decorated apparel work is done under one roof, delivering corporate identity in one convenient place.

If you’d like to experience McGrath Printing | Custom Apparel for yourself, you can place an order or get a quote today! It’s quick and easy, and doesn’t cost a thing.